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kalkulatory HARDBEER-MOBBEER microbrewery calculator

HARDBEER-MOBBEER microbrewery calculator


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Are you thinking about purchasing your own microbrewery? Are not you sure if it’s a good investment ?

Find it now …



Use our microbrewery calculator !

Calculate Your microbrewery

How it works ?

  1. Enter a few basic parameters into the calculator
  2. Calculator establishes the optimum configuration of the brewery, suitable for your specific conditions
  3. Calculator calculates the cost of brewery
  4. Calculator calculates the return on your investment and graphically displays the financial balance for the 10 years to come
  5. You can try various forms of financing of brewery (own funds vs. loan)
  6. You will learn how much money you earn on the operation of the brewery and if the investment is worth for risk-taking
  7. You will find out if you own brewery pays off
  8. You may use this financial analysis as an integral part of your business plan, for example as a basis for obtaining a loan


Options and use of the calculator

You can freely “play” with different input values (brewhouse volume, beer selection, frequency of brewing, time lagering, the price of beer, the prices of raw materials and energy, different types of cooling, built or container microbrewery), and you will immediately receive a calculation for each combination of microbrewery and financial analysis of your project.

If you do not have enough of your own funds to purchase your own microbrewery, printed microbrewery financial analysis of the project will serve as a convincing argument for obtaining a loan or lease in the selected financial institution.

Download fileDownload Calculator Microbrewery … here.

(To open the file, use the program MS Excel or Calc – part of the Open Office package )

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The author of the calculator is the company Mobile Breweries Ltd. Our main activity is the production of microbreweries. Our product range includes classic built microbreweries, designed for installation in buildings of restaurants (restaurant microbrewery) and container microbreweries, ideal for those candidates who cannot afford to build a microbrewery.